Procrastination. We all do it. Delaying what you know you have to do or keep saying something and never carrying out that statement. I have notebook after notebook with my procrastination’s written down. List after list, saved Pinterest quote after quote encouraging me, reassuring me, encouraging to meet my goal, my potential. But so far zip.

I think the last time I said something and actually carried it out was when I decided to quit my job, go to university and learn more about photography. I believed I was already a photographer, I just didn’t know how to be one. Well that seems a long time ago.

Perhaps we put of things because we are comfortable and safe with our status quo. We don’t take that leap into the unknown because we will always survive whilst that safety net of security always exist’s.

I do not want to procrastinate any more. I will do more things. I will lose weight and get fitter. I will transfer those notebook possibilities, those words of encouragement into reality.

I will step out of the shadows, step away from the wall and be noticed. If I don’t, I only have my self to blame.

New website, new beginnings.

This is my fourth website since I began my career as a photographer. The first was an Apple iWeb with an inconceivably long domain name but you could sell images on it. You could use your own domain name but you lost certain functionality. Number two was good until someone hacked it to destruction.The third incarnation was great but I never felt in control of it. Now I have this site, a Format site. Hopefully, it will be my last. It seems to have everything I want from a website. A portfolio, the ability to add collections around a specific events, a password protected client page where I can share, licence and they can download my images. A blog and the usual about and contact page.

Through this site I hope to go onto bigger and better things with my photography, to push myself further and to work harder. In this blog, “Musings from a small room” I will occasionally tell you about my photographic jobs, day and life. My thoughts on photography, photographers, equipment and anybody or anything else I feel the need to get of my chest.

These blogs will not be masterful piece’s of literature, my grammar is really bad, but I hope it will convey how I feel about photography. The photographs, well, I let them speak for themselves. There’s a bit of me somewhere in them.

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