About Me

“From an early age I have been fascinated with the photograph and photography, especially the photo albums and photograph’s of my parents and grandparents. 

But, it wasn’t until I left school and started work, that my interest turned to a passion. Working in the reprographics department as part of my printers apprenticeship, I was introduced to the darkroom and its techniques. Under the tutorage of an ex RAF photographic technician, I was taught how to process my first film, make contact sheets and then prints.

Starting with an Olympus Trip as my first camera, I soon graduated to an Olympus OM10 SLR camera as my photographic skills increased. Joining a local camera club, I also attended night schools to learn as much as I could about photography, its techniques and history. I was always pushing my photographic skills and my photography.

But it wasn’t until my personal circumstances changed, that I decided to quit my job and follow my passion. I enrolled at my local university and spent 4 years studying for my degree. Taking every opportunity offered to hone my skills and knowledge, I began working alongside a wedding photographer. First as her assistant, then as one of her photographers, shooting weddings for the company. 

Graduating with a 2:1, I immediately started work at a naval training establishment working in its photographic department as a photographer undertaking the wide range of jobs that the situation offered. Then moving onto work as a technician at my old University and then as a studio photographer in a commercial studio. Finally, I returned to my old job at the naval establishment.

When I graduated in 2001, I founded K Woodland Photography and began my life as a professional freelance photographer. Working as an assistant and photographer in my own right, I began to earn my own commissions. Some of my first were for SEEDA (South East England Development Agency), East Hampshire Girl Guiding and a local bar and restaurant. Eventually, I started to freelance for my local newspaper, The Portsmouth News and more recently, the Royal Navy Rugby Union.

Specialising in sport, editorial, portrait and commissioned photography, I have also founded 'F2 Imprint' to promote my landscape and art photography".



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